Hand Power EP

by Pleased to Jive You

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We all have immeasurable power within our hands. We can use them to communicate, to create and to destroy. They are both symbols and tools. Use them wisely. Start fresh, take risks, creep in the shadows.

We would've loved to make a full album but it wasn't feasible, so we decided to do a more manageable series of smaller EP's. This is the first.

Recorded in our home studio over 2016. Mixed and mastered by Morgan Quinn.


released January 3, 2017

All songs written and performed by Pleased to Jive You.

Vocals and Guitar - Morgan Quinn
Bass - Jim Nguyen
Drums and Percussion - Jarrad Stewart
Raps and Guitar - Declan Shrubb

Backing vocals - Whole band.

Cover art by Putri McMurray.



all rights reserved


Pleased to Jive You Canberra, Australia

Pleased to Jive You are a funk/rock/pop band from Canberra, Australia who pride them/ourselves on musicality and unfettered craziness. We have supported Australian headliners as Gotye, Hands like Houses, Rufus, Ladyhawke and the Red Paintings.

They have released 4 EP's: 2010's Cheeseman Place. 2012's Al Dente. 2013's Jive at the Ranch EP. 2017's Hand Power.
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Track Name: An Opening
A sour taste, a sour taste.
Track Name: Risky Business
And how could I mention
The palpable tension?
And the sting and the sound of it stretching?
The inside look that was found in perception
My red pen's out but I doubt the corrections.
Mistyped misanthropes
Sliding down a slippery slope.
Hold it there, only where it can go
Discover, react.
We're hovering back
The novelty act of swallowing tact.

To be hold
All this risky business taking place
I could've sworn you was impartial
To this love
As if we'd never seen the light at the end of the tunnel

No sour taste

Sour taste of regret in my mouth
I awake in a state of just spitting it out
Because it's time to enact a change
Won't stop til my back will break
Gain what I lack today
Say the things that I have to say
Crash the plane so no scraps remain
Now we gotta just -
Mould it, craft it, break the shift
Nothing matters 'less you're taking risks

I don't ever want to talk about
All the things I love about you
And everything that you do
When it's up it's always up
And it rises like a tiger in the moon
So true

Risky business
Taking place
Track Name: Shadow Creepers
He was creeping in the shadows
Mystical and quaint
Hoping you can't see him
Patiently he waits
Eerily he's stationed
Cigarette in hand
You can hear him say to the doorman
"I play bass, I'm in the band."

Who do you think it is?
What's going on, what's going on?

Just watch your back 'cause he's outrageous
And he was creeping all around you
You couldn't comprehend his madness
But you were reading all about it

This all appears to be in order, all in order

Sneaking up on stage now
Grasping for the mic

Who you think it is?
The audience ignores him
Because they know what he's like
But they don't know 'bout his past life

Are you ready to expand your mind and come along?
No message to this song
Just one little question
Are you ready? To excite your senses one by one?
No message to this song
Just little question, question, question

Did you ever really love me?
Track Name: Fresh Start
I've raided the fridge
And now I’m packing up my ute
Gonna head straight up north
I'm gonna try out-run my youth

Ripping off the band-aid in despair
Silently deciding not to care what's in their heads
The guilt and shame that we're all born for
Results in anger so uncalled for

I awake as the sun is coming up along the shore
And I pray to the ocean that today I'll be ignored

Picking up the pieces of this life
Then deciding never to deny
It's just a ride
And we all manufacture meaning
Should be in rehab 'cause we're fiending

You were shot from a canon to the stars
Into the wind is where I send the homage
You never were very certain of much
You should go with gut and not your palm
You know the tooth with the wisdom is alarmed

Like a dog